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9 wusa 9 news now. he heat alert, soring temperatures shot past 100 today. will there be a repeat this weekend? also tonight a health alert about the dangers of prescription drugs and what they are doing to our babies. plus, america remains on the brink with the budget crisis holding a nation hostage and now boehner's big move gets
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rejected. >> this is 9news now. will now a little more than three days left until the united states runs out of money to pay all its bills. >> failing to find that elusive compromise congress has left for the night and parts to resume the partisan warfare tomorrow. gary neurenberg is in the position tonight of reporting developments but no progress. gary? >> reporter: well said, derek. after a week of write and rewrites the house finally passed this evening a bill to cut spending and temporarily raise the debt ceiling. less than two hours later the senate killed it. the house republican bill only passed because it included a nearly insurmountable prerequisite to raising the debt ceiling again at the end of the year. >> both houses of the congress must send to the states a balanced budget amendment. >> reporter: the president warned. >> it does not solve the problem and it has no chance of becoming law. >> reporter: no democratic voted for it, 22 republicans
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voted no. but. >> yays 218, nays 210. the bill passed. >> reporter: one hour later the senate voted yes to kill the plan. >> the yays are 59 the nays are 41. >> reporter: senate republicans voting to block the democrats plan. >> they are forcing us to wait until tomorrow morning. let's see, today is friday. until sunday morning at 1 a.m. to have this vote. >> reporter: but the debate starts in 14 hours. >> the senate stands adjourned until 1 p.m. tomorrow. >> reporter: the house is back tomorrow and this is how weird it gets. they are scheduling a vote on a bill identical to reids even before the senate can vote to pass the bill itself. this allows the house to say to the senate you killed our bill, we killed yours.
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and speaking of killing, the uncertainty helped wall street have its worst week in a year. the dow down this week 538 points. >> it almost seems childish gary. you hate to say that but what's really going to happen this weekend? >> reporter: in public, each side will continue to blame the other. watch the sunday news talk shows for that. in private the congressional leadership may try to cut a deal. some republicans insisting the president be part of the talks. but both sides are dug in right now and it is hard to imagine now they will find a way to dig out. >> let's hope they do. gary neurenberg, thank you for that. polls show americans as a group are angry and disappointed at how their leaders are handling this debt ceiling crisis. tonight derek says you might want to add fear to that list. >> anita, all along we have been assuming as stubborn as our leaders have become at the end of the day they will make the deal. they wouldn't let the country default just to score political points, would they? the problem is, as i said before this is not about
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politics, this is ideology, core values. tea party republicans see this as a last opportunity to drastically decrease spending. democrats won't give into cuts that they seem unfair thinking it will hurt whatever recovery we have got. they are screaming from compromise. what they really want is surrender. perhaps we ought to be bracing ourselves for a possible default. remember this, as bad as things are economically around here, america as a nation is far from broke but our leadership is deeply divided over this critical issue and i personally am no longer certain there is a will or even a realistic way for them to come together. let's be real. whatever happens in may ways it is going to be a long, hot weekend. anita? >> absolutely, derek. in fact, it was a day of record breaking heat today. still steamy outside at this
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hour. anny is in for topper. where are the temperatures right now? >> it is still warm out here. we are seeing records fall all throughout the day today. here is a look at the records. reagan national was 99. set a new record of 104. baltimore 101. dulles a new record 103. 97 set in 1993. right now temperatures in the upper 80s in downtown. 91 in manassas. cooling down thanks to some thunderstorms. the heat index feels still 90 downtown. tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy skies. lows 73 to 82 degrees. pretty warm around the city. we have got your full weekend forecast coming up a little bit later. back to you. >> now to some people who have really suffered today. the power was out for practically an entire neighborhood in northeast today. ken molestina is there. ken, we understand that just moments ago did the lights come back on? let's hope so. >> reporter: yes, they did,
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anita, the lights came back on when we were here actually. so we got a view of what it looked like before that. we are here off 21st street and h street in northeast d.c. take a look over my shoulders. these folks have been out here all day today really because the apartments were just so hot. the power once again has come back on. it came back on maybe about 30 minutes ago. still too hot in the apartments to go inside. video of what this area looked like because the electricity was out. 30 blocks in this area were absolutely dark. folks were sitting in hot apartments all day today. all evening today because the power just wasn't back. now pepco is reporting at the height of this outage 2500 people were without power. come out back here live. want to introduce you to tonya. you were telling me a second ago off camera how miserable it was to deal with these conditions earlier today. explain that a little bit to me. what was it like?
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>> it felt like it was 115 degrees out here. couldn't find no shelter, no water, no air, no nothing. and it was miserable. we had people out here that were on oxygens. couldn't even find oxygen because the lights were out. doesn't make sense. >> reporter: the power is back on now. does that make you feel better? >> it makes me feel a little better but still has to be more air for us to go in the house. >> reporter: of course, that's what we were trying to illustrate to you, derek and anita, folks hanging out on the sidewalks. too hot to go inside their apartments. the good news here, the power is back on and things should get back to normal here. police are looking for a man who terrorized an entire family in order to steal just a few hundred bucks. the man walked into the apartment's unlocked apartment last night in herndon last night. he forced a mother, teenage son and toddler in a back room.
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he tied up the teenager. when a father and family friend got home he attacked them and made the whole family drive to an a.t.m., made them take out money and then drove to a business park where he made a get away. >> the family did not know the suspect. it was a complete stranger. it appears this was random. >> reporter: police do not have a very good description of this guy. he was wearing a mask and baggy clothes. that's all we know. on to a 9news update. a district man has pleaded guilty to killing his teenage daughter with whom he had a sexual relationship. rodney mcintire admitted to killing her . he will get 40 years behind bars. new at 11 police want you to take a look at this photo. the woman you see in these pictures is wanted for robbing a bank in the springfield area. police released the pictures of her coming and going. the robbery, it went down this morning at around 11:00 a.m.
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in springfield plaza. if you recognize the woman please call police. a terror scare out of texas. today making an additional appearance in waco court. the soldier is accused of trying to repeat the 2009 fort hood attack and before he left court he paid homage to the fort hood shooter by shouting his name. the 2009 mass shooting was the worst ever on a u.s. military installation. remember the heartbreaking stories years ago of crack babies born to addicted moms? well, in tonight's health alert, a new addiction epidemic . prescription drugs kill more americans than any illicit drugs come bound.
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broward county, florida. opiates. seeing a drastic jump in the number of babies born with opiate addictions and the withdrawal starts with their first breath. >> they are irritable. they sweat. they can have rapid breathing. sometimes they can even have seizures. >> what is she going through because she is just a little baby because she can't talk and tell me how she feels. i want to make sure that she doesn't want for anything. that she doesn't have to hurt any more than i already put her through. >> the most dangerous and addictive drug heroin in a policy, oxycotin. there has been a 265% jump in overdose deaths from the drug since 2003. 1000 veterans from afghanistan and medically discharged because of post traumatic stress will get the
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benefits they were denied. it gives veterans monthly retirement payments and try care medical insurance. they are guaranteed by law. some have been waiting years for those benefits to kick in. back from a six-month tour in iraq, a member of the air force decided to take in a ballgame out at nationals park. after all, it was military appreciation night and wow, was it ever appreciated. he bought a scratch off ticket. first he thanks his lucky stars then he called his wife emily. >> i bent over and kissed the ground at the ballpark. >> i tried not to believe him because, you know, you don't want to believe it. >> well, she ended up believing it especially once tim got home and showed off that ticket. so what are they doing with the money? well, most of it is invested for the future like college funds for relatives. they have also put down some money on a home. one splurge a watch from tiffanies an maybe season tickets to the nats.
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matt damon, check, bill cosby, check. a number of a-listers in town. first, you will meet the guy who took the term jumping the shark a little too literally. we will be right back. labored breathing ]
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[ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] congress can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken the clean air act.
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a massachusetts man jumps a shark literally. eric jacobs video is kind of shaky. watch closely. you see that big fish there underneath his boat it is a shark. what does he do? >> no. >> he jumps in. takes a ride. jumping the shark. >> it was very exciting. until i realized how far the boat was from me then i needed to get back on the boat. >> until he realized how big that fish was. actually, it only carried him about 15 feet then he high tailed it out of the water. the shark was a basking shark and they eat plankton and small fish so he really wasn't in that much danger. still though, basking sharks are the second largest fish in the ocean. don't know if i would have made that move. don't know if i would have, no. >> not jumping in, no. if we are to believe the results of a federal survey one out of seven people out there tonight may be watching this newscast high. that survey says marijuana use
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is on the uptick. nearly 11% of americans admit to at least occasionally getting high. in d.c. the number is even higher than that. more than 14%. the number 1 pot state. alaska. where more than 16% of residents say they smoke pot once in a while. matt damon, bill cosby, shaq and kobe some of the stars in town this weekend. >> the paparazzi it out there in full force. britany morehouse went to see if she could spot any celebrities. >> reporter: in town with -- >> richard drefus. have i seen him? >> reporter: yes. both here for an education march. so onward i march. >> excuse me, sir. have you seen this man?
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>> oh, my god, no. but i wish i had. >> reporter: tell me if i find him. >> okay. >> reporter: are you sure he isn't staying here. hi, have you seen this man? >> no, i haven't. >> have you seen bill cosby. >> reporter: he is here too along with steve harvey. >> shaquille o'neal. >> going to a party tonight. >> reporter: at least a clue. these ladies in the know send me this guy. >> no, not yet. ain't seen him yet. >> he is out here, right? >> reporter: can't you call him? you're his fraternity brother. boo. then back to the hotel seen. trying the ritz, four seasons and the w where -- oh, wait, these people see someone. is it this guy at the willard or -- >> kobe. yeah, i did see him. >> reporter: that's right. kobe bryant is in town to play
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soccer. >> have you seen this man? >> no. >> is he not staying here? >> steve harvey. richard drefus. is he staying here? maybe they are under a mickey mouse name. after trying every alias i move on. i must not fail. britany morehouse, 9news now. >> apparently she failed. matt damon is expected to participate in the "save our schools" march to the white house tomorrow. and the soccer tournament with kobe bryant is scheduled for sunday. we are welcoming them here with all of this heat. how nice. >> i'm sure they are having a wonderful nice. >> extreme heat was a one-day event. just today. tomorrow will still be hot. not talking triple digits. numbers will fall. we also have been watching tropical storm don now is a tropical depression don. made landfall. you can see not doing a whole lot in brownsville. not a whole lot of rain from
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it. it quickly, quickly just kind of fizzled out and became a depression. winds 35 miles per hour. all the warnings were canceled. so the next storm we are watching is out in the atlantic coast and it could be named emily. all right, the record heat today. 104 reagan national. blasting through the old record of 1989 in 1993. the last time it got to 104 was july 1988. the all time home july 30. so we were 2 degrees shy of tying the all-time high. right now 88 degrees downtown. culpeper cooling down to 79 degrees. winchester 81. hagerstown 77. thanks to some late early evening thunderstorms north of town. upper 70s. a little more oppressive down there. 60s still sticky but not as bad as the 70s. that's for sure. when you feel the 70s it is
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very oppressive. all right. so the satellite radar picture. you saw the storms go through generally north of us into philadelphia now they are off on the coast. we are watching this batch of storms here but for now maybe just far western virginia and also just western maryland. may see some of that. but should be a fairly quiet overnight. a warm front to your saturday for your weekend. hot again but not as hot. we are not talking triple digits. a hot sunday with a chance for some isolated afternoon and evening thunderstorms. we will keep our eyes to the sky for sunday. overnight what can you expect? partly to mostly cloudy conditions. it will be warm. lows 73 to 82 degrees. winds out of the northwest. now tomorrow morning mostly sunny and warm. air quality is code orange which means unhealthy for our sensitive groups. temperatures in the 70s and 80s and winds light. now, in the afternoon, still drink lots of water. limit time outside. mostly sunny. not as hot. still sticky. highs around 95 degrees.
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95 downtown. annapolis lower 90s. culpeper 94. cumberland around 93 degrees. beach and boating forecast. go out there to cool off. annapolis 86 and 91. loss of sun. won't be too choppy as far as the waves are concerned. sunday waves at 1 foot. lots of sun. northeast winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. heading to the coast. for saturday around ocean city and the beach partly cloudy. 89 to 94 degrees. and on sunday winds turning north and turning east at 10 miles per hour. water temperature 70 degrees. temperatures warming up in the upper 80s and lower 90s. here is how your saturday breaks down. it is going to be a warm start. noon already in the 90s in a lot of locations. by 5 low to mid-90s. seven-day forecast. saturday looking storm free. sunday may see isolated storms come through. temperature around 93 degrees. that's our break a little bit. and then we stay in the 90s for the rest of the month into august. july definitely the hottest july we have had on the record. thursday we are back into the mid-90s. but, hey, it was a one-day
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affair. >> crazy heat. >> thanks, anny. speaking of heat, the redskins officially getting hot out in the sun. >> definitely the one day of the month they have their first practice. good for them. training camp officially underway. now the only negotiations we are talking about are new contracts. the players speak out today on how it felt to get back on the grid iron. plus an honorable gesture by a new teammate. could the nats stop the bleeding? i feel like a broken record. those and more coming up next in sports.
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4 1/2 months of wondering how football would be affected by the lockout training camp still opened on time but it is going to be a crash course. considering there are many new faces at redskins park. today was a sight redskins fans have been waiting for. seeing those burgundy and gold jerseys heading to the practice field. a two and a half hour practice.
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saying it was just good to get out and be a team again. >> it is good getting out doing football stuff. it is the first day. >> we have been anticipating the day for a long time to be able to go out and practice with the team with coaches there, being able to get it on tape. and things felt pretty good. >> for many athletes their jersey number is sacred to them. part of their identity something that they just won't give up. but some things in life are more important than that number they have had since high school. redskins safety has worn number 21 since he was 10 years old but when he became a redskin he wouldn't be the case any more. out of respect for taylor they know how important he was to redskins nation. >> the man who wore the number
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here is a very honorable man. it was a tragic thing that happened to him. i'm a fan of the game. >> good charity guy there. great news on the rookie front. redskins rookies were in tampa and didn't long for them to get hurt. sitting out the afternoon walk through after suffering a hyper extended knee in the a.m. practice. mike shanahan says he will be out in the next couple days. sometimes a little fresh blood can spur a team turn around. the nationals added an outfielder. taking the mounds for his first major league start since 2009. may be a combination of heat and rust wasn't really a good combination. wong making his nats debut and it wasn't really the start he was looking for. in the 1st daniel murphy with
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an r.b.i. single. jose reyes. still in the first now bases loaded. angel with a single to left. justin turner scores. the mets score four off wong in the first against. gnats against. ryan zimmerman striking out. 8-5. after the game daa d -- v when an official gets air time it is usually for the wrong reasons. manchester united. linesman trying to get out of the way. takes a tumble. trying to get out of the way of the ball. right in the chest he gets hit. he is still smiling. >> he is still smiling. >> good at it too. >> that's the worst thing i guess that could happen. >> we will be right back.
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9news now is sponsored in part by michael... >> do you think it would be okay if i took off my tie for the week. we will see you monday. >> that's 9news now for tonight. enjoy the weekend and try to stay cool. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: vr
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